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The Hague

  • In collaboration with the municipality of The Hague, DUWO, together with other housing associations, has signed an energy saving covenant. DUWO has entered into a partnership with Sanura, a supplier of Flatmates that recover heat from your shower water. In order to use the limited available Flatmates as efficiently as possible, they are used in larger groups where the most tenants use one shower. Houses with a large group of residents who have not been approached by DUWO but who are interested can apply here. If there are any Flatmates left, they will be installed later. To achieve the most energy savings per product, it is not efficient for tenants of studios to sign up for this.
  • In addition to this collaboration, DUWO is entering into a further collaboration with Climate Route to provide the most affected buildings in The Hague with free energy advice from an energy coach, including an energy-saving package of 35 euros per person. The complexes that qualify for this will be approached by Climate Route in the coming months.

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Financial compensation
Municipalities sometimes offer options for financial compensation. Check with your municipality what is possible.

The Hague: Den Haag - Bijzondere bijstand

Help with payment problems

Due to rising prices and high energy bills, people are more at risk of payment arrears. That is why new agreements have been made about preventing evictions due to rent arrears. DUWO makes every effort within its possibilities to reach tailor-made agreements with residents in need of money and can inform the municipality in urgent cases, so that residents can receive (debt) help more quickly. Residents with imminent payment problems can also go to their municipality for help themselves. For information, they can go to or call 0800-8115 (free and anonymous)....

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