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Help with payment problems

Quick (debt) assistance by municipalities during an energy crisis

Due to rising prices and high energy bills, people are more at risk of payment arrears. That is why the Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning (VRO) and the landlords' organisations, trade associations (Aedes, IVBN, Kences, Vastgoed Belang) and the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) are making new agreements about preventing evictions due to rent arrears. The same parties made similar agreements during COVID.

Contact us asap in case of payment arrears, the municipality can offer help

DUWO has been focusing on early detection of payment arrears for some time. Quick contact between residents and DUWO helps prevent the growth of further debts and ultimately eviction. In these cases, DUWO can inform the municipality, so that residents can get (debt) help faster. Residents with imminent payment problems can also go to their municipality for help themselves. For information, they can go to or call 0800-8115 (free and anonymous).

Part of package of measures

The government has taken various measures to ensure that as few people as possible get into financial difficulties during the energy crisis. For example, there will be the energy price ceiling and the intention to increase the rent allowance. DUWO will make every effort within the possibilities to come to tailor-made agreements with residents in need of money. Preventing evictions as a result of payment arrears as much as possible is part of the total package of measures.

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