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Increasing energy prices and saving measures

Energy prices have increased enormously in 2022. Residents whose energy costs are included in the service costs have noticed little or nothing of this until the end of the year 2022. However, we have had to sign new contracts for 2023. Despite the fact that we were able to purchase as favorably as possible, this still means that the service costs have increased strongly as from 1 January 2023. If residents have signed an energy contract themselves, we have no insight into the increase in energy costs, but even then this website contains important information. 

Temporary energy emergency fund

The Temporary Energy Emergency Fund exists to help prevent people building up energy debts. The Emergency Fund is there for households with a high energy bill and a low income or lower middle income. Households can apply for support from the Emergency Fund for the period October 2022 to March 2023. 

NOTE: You can only submit an application if you (or a housemate) have your own energy contract!

Actions and (financial) regulations per municipality

There are different options and actions to save energy for every residential complex and within every municipality. Sometimes there are possibilities to qualify for financial compensation.
View the actions and measures per region/municipality below.


View the FAQs or contact us. We will also keep tenants informed as much as possible by mail and via the socials.