Increasing energy prices and saving measures

Energy prices are going through the roof and that raises many questions. Prices have increased enormously in 2022. Residents whose energy costs are included in the service costs will notice little or nothing of this until the end of the year. However, we have had to sign new contracts for the coming year. This still allows us to purchase as favorably as possible, but it still means that service costs will increase strongly from 1 January 2023. If residents have signed an energy contract themselves, we have no insight into the increase in energy costs, but even then this website contains important information. 

What actions are possible? 

There are different options for saving energy for every building and within every municipality. We would prefer to have one clear package available at the same time for all our tenants, but that is not possible. Everything we already know can be found on this page under Actions per region.

Here we report on the various actions that will be rolled out per municipality as soon as we have concrete information about this.


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Sustainability tips

Check out some handy tips below with which you can immediately save energy!