FAQ's Flanorpad

Washing machine room:

Q: Why will there be a washing machine room?
A: In the new situation, the space that is currently used for washing machines and dryers will be used to realize better sanitary facilities, among other things. In addition, it is better for fire safety if there are no more washing machines and dryers in the group.

Q: Do you have to pay for washing and drying?
A: Yes, washing costs €2.50 and drying €1.50

Q: How many washing machines and dryers will be in the washing machine room?
A: There will be 4 washing machines and 3 dryers in the laundry room.

Q: How do I know if the washing machine is free?
A: There will be a digital reservation Question: and payment system so that you can see online if there is room.


Q: I live in tower 4 and temporarily go to the Papengracht. Can we agree to a new roommate on the Papengracht if one of us leaves?
A: No, because there is only temporary accommodation on the Papengracht, consent cannot be given.


Q: Will there be a partition around the terrace so that the garden furniture can remain outside and it really is a private terrace?
A: Unfortunately, it is not allowed to place fences or fences around the group outdoor areas. The municipality (Welstand) has forbidden this. DUWO will realize a wall bracket to secure furniture (for example, made of scaffolding wood).

Q: Will there be patio doors from the merger to the outdoor area?
A: No, there will be one door with a width of 90 cm.

Q: What is the quality of the locks that are placed on the group rooms?
A: the hinges and locks that are installed have a quality that is equal to the police quality mark.

Storage of goods:

Question: In the merger we now have tables and sofas, does DUWO have space to store them if we temporarily live on the Papengracht?
Answer: No, we don't have storage space, you have to arrange that yourself or get rid of less good furniture.

Question: I have a loft bed / closet / bookshelves etc. in my room, will DUWO move it to my new room?
Answer: No, if you want to use it again in your new room, you have to arrange it yourself.

Question: If we have coarse dirt when clearing the room/hallway/fusion, how can it be disposed of?
Answer: DUWO ensures that there is a large container before your move in which you can store bulky waste

Room decor:

Q: Does the new room have carpeting or curtains?
A: No, the new room will be delivered empty

Q: Can I get a paint coupon for my new room?
A: Yes, we will ensure that there is a paint voucher for 5 liters of white wall paint in the letterbox for each room upon delivery.