Upcoming vote-ins

What is a vote-in?

If a room in a student house becomes available, the co-residents may find a new housemate. We call this voting in, candidating, or co-opting. The residents invite candidates to get acquainted with them and then choose a new roommate. 

Do you start your studies in September? Then you can respond to rooms that become available on or after May 1st. 

You can respond to rooms in the region where you are going to study, work on your PhD or do an internship.

First this...

  • You are not looking for an Accommodate room (do the check if you are unsure).
  • You are registered at ROOM and as a full-time student at an educational institution.
  • You can respond to rooms in the region in which you will be studying.
  • You are looking for a student housing room with shared facilities.
  • As a prospective freshman, you can take part in a vote-in as early as 1 May.
  • Check if  priority applies.

Self-contained student rooms

Are you looking for a student room with a private kitchen and bathroom? Go to Offers ROOM.





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