What to do in the case of a nuisance?

Take the first step
Experience shows that it is appreciated if you talk in first instance with the (alleged) perpetrator about the complaint. It could be that they are completely unaware of the disturbance, or that the disturbance is coming from somewhere else. Moreover, it often seems to further harm relations if there is an immediate visit by the police, or a letter from the housing corporation, without you having first reported it to the (alleged) perpetrator of the disturbance.

Best practice
If you take any action then it is advisable to do it in a quiet moment, hence when the disturbance has ended. In such instance emotions usually play a lesser role, and chances of a good discussion are higher. Base your discussion on facts and try to come to a mutual agreement. For example: "Last night I suffered severely from your music and it prevented me from sleeping. It was very annoying. Can we try to find a solution about that? For example, that you reduce the volume of the music, and stop it completely after 10 pm?" The majority of disturbance complaints can be resolved in this way while maintaining a mutual relationship.

What if the disturbance does not stop?
It is possible that the steps you have undertaken yourself do not lead to the desired outcome. In such case, we believe that the best chance for a good resolution still lies in a consultation without interference by the corporation, but rather under the supervision of a neutral party such as the police. The police will make a report about it: keep this report at hand and wait for feedback from the police.

The final step: the corporation
It is possible that things still remain unresolved, even with the help of the police. In that case we ask you to notify us via the contact form or in writing about the situation. That means describing the inconvenience as factually and as specifically as possible (what, when, how often), who the perpetrator is, what happened during the conversations you held yourself, and finally what effect the police intervention has had. On the basis of all this, we can evaluate the next possible steps in consultation with you.

We hope that following this procedure will reduce or stop the disturbance.

Severe nuisance? Contact the police: 0900-8844.

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