Nice extra income with Airbnb? Do not fall for it!

Through sites like Airbnb and Wimdu – organisations for profit – individuals can rent a room, apartment or guest bed to tourists. The popularity of these sites is growing and many cities are socially struggling with how to deal with this kind of rental. Student housing companies such as DUWO also have to deal with this phenomenon: students who sublet their house or room via Airbnb and Wimdu.

This looks like a nice income for the student: weekdays living in your house, but during the weekends you are not there, so you could sublet your house. But if you do, you must realize that you are guilty of an illegal rental. DUWO acts severely against such illegal subletting.
DUWO is doing its utmost to offer students affordable, safe and good living space. We want to play a leading role in reducing the housing shortage and we want to help as many students, both domestic and from abroad, as possible by providing affordable houses that meet all modern requirements. We do not want students to sublet their property to tourists and themselves (in part), while not using their house themselves, or make a profit from the relatively low rent they pay.

In certain cases and under certain conditions it is permissible to sublet your house or a part of your house or to allow use by third parties. A subtenant must, for example, always be a full-time student. Do not sublet your room or offer it through Airbnb and Wimdu. And check the conditions under which you can legally sublet your room on!

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