First invoice

When signing your contract, the payment of the first invoice is included.  By clicking on the link 'You can sign a tenancy agreement' button in My DUWO, you can pay the invoice online.

The first payment consists of:

  • First month rent
  • Letting costs
  • Costs nameplate (if applicable)
  • Costs municipal housing service fees (if applicable)

The amount of the letting costs is depending on the accommodation type. When you accept accommodation via DUWO, and before signing the contract you want to cancel, you have to pay a fine. This fine varies per category. 

Payment by bank transfer or credit card

The costs mentioned above can be paid from a bank account in your name or using your own credit card.

If you are using Accommodate (guaranteed accommodation), in some cases you also need to pay the rent for the last two months in advance.
DUWO must receive this first payment no later than 2 weeks after your documents have been approved. If the educational institution pays for you, then you can directly sign your contract online via the link in My DUWO.
If you pay by transfer, then ensure that we receive the first payment within two weeks after you get the confirmation of booking the room.

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