Request for repairs region Leiden

Find out here how you can submit your repair request.

In case of emergency

Call Vastgoed Service at 015-2516700
(24 hours a day)

General (urgent) repairs

Complete the repair request form below or call Vastgoed Service at 015-2516700
(24 hours a day)

Clogged drain

Call Riool Reinigings Service RRS at 070-3368888
(24 hours a day)

Lift malfunction

The name and phone number of the lift company is displayed in or on the lift
(24 hours a day)

Glass breakage

Call Glas- en Schilderwerken Van Muiden at 071-5223439
(24 hours a day)

Stichting Boerhaave

Tenants of Stichting Boerhaave who live in Leiden at Boerhaavelaan or Marienpoelstraat: requests for repairs are handled and executed by Huurman. Huurman contact details: call: 071-5769341 or 06-12031874 or email: boerhaavehuurman-leidennl.


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