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In self-contained (or unshared) housing, you do not have to share your front door, living room, kitchen, shower and bathroom with other students. Allocation takes place based on the length of your registration time with ROOM. The longer you have been registered, the better your chances are. This is also the case for shared housing which we rent out without the vote-in system.

First this...

  • You are not looking for an Accommodate room (do the check if you are unsure).
  • You are registered at ROOM and as a full-time student or PhD student at an educational institution.
  • You can respond to rooms in the region in which you are studying or doing your PhD.
  • You are looking for: a self-contained room without housemates and with private kitchen and facilities, or a room in a student flat with roommates and shared facilities, without vote-in.


In a student flat

Do you want to live in a student flat with roommates and shared facilities? In most of the student flats the residents choose a new housemate from the candidates who visit a voting-in session. Go to upcoming vote-ins.

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