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Standard priority regulation

The standard priority arrangement works on the basis of a postcode table.
In the table below you can see which DUWO buildings the scheme is linked to.

Postal code priority table
Make sure you meet the following conditions:

- You are a (prospective) first-year student. This means that you will start or have already started your studies this calendar year (usually in September) (for example in January). Even if you have already followed another study and you are going to start a new or follow-up study soon, we will count you as a (prospective) first-year student. This also applies to all prospective first-year students from abroad.

- The priority scheme does not apply to PhD students.

- You have been registered with the municipality for at least 4 months at your current address, which is an address with a zip code from the priority table.

- Before you can sign a rental contract, we ask you to send us an proof of the basic registration of persons (BRP), not older than 3 months.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you carefully check whether you meet the conditions before you apply for a room. This prevents disappointments afterwards.

Now you know whether or not you qualify for a room using the priority arrangement. In both cases it applies that you register and respond to the room offer yourself. The advertisements state whether a priority arrangement is applied.

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