Priority regulations

Are you looking for a room and do you have to travel a long way to your educational institution? Perhaps you can make use of a priority arrangement. You must be a (prospective) first-year student for the regulations.

When are you a (prospective) first year student?

  • You start this calendar year  (usually in September), or you have started (for example in January) with your studies.
  • You have already followed another study and you will soon start a new or follow-up study.
  • This also applies to all prospective first-year students from abroad.
  • The regulations do not apply to PhD students.

Standard priority arrangement

This arrangement works with a postcode table. If your postalcode is in the table or if you live abroad and are going to study at the educational institution mentioned in the table, you can be given priority.

Priority arrangement for first year international students

If you come from abroad and are going to study in the Netherlands, you can make use of a special priority arrangement.