Are you searching for a room?

Are you looking for a room with your own kitchen, shower and toilet?

With your ROOM registration you can immediately start responding to the offer of self-contained-rooms (studios). The longer you have been registered, the better your chances are.  
A tip: Keep an eye one our project-page. If one of our new housing projects is almost completed, there will be a large offer of rooms, giving you a higher chance! 

Do you prefer a room in a student house? Try a vote-in.

Respond to the vote-in advertisements at With voting-in it doesn't matter how long you have been inscribed. The roommates will select the new tenant themselves. In a voting in session (also known as: candidating or co-opting), the residents are introduced to several candidates looking for a room. At the end of the session, they decide on which candidate the room will be awarded to.

Want to take a look at a student house and get some great vote-in tips?

What are the conditions?

  • You may rent a room or studio in the city/region where you will be studying as a fulltime student, PhD-er or intern. 
  • Will you have to travel far, of are you a first year student? Check if the priority scheme applies to you. 
  • For many of our rooms a campuscontract applies. This means that you may rent for the duration of your studies. After ending your studies, you may stay in your room for 6 months. 

Are you an international student and are you coming from abroad?

Then you may be eligible for an DUWO University Housing room through your educational institution. You can read more about it here.

What's ROOM? So more much more than a space!

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