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Are you searching for a room?

Nice that you are interested in a room from DUWO! Good to know before you read on:

  • You can apply for a DUWO student room if you are studying full-time, if you are doing a PhD, or if you start studying within 4 months.
  • You can only rent a room or studio in the city/region where you study or where you do an internship.
  • If you rent a room at DUWO, you will receive a campus contract. This means that you can rent for the duration of your studies. After completing your studies, you can continue to rent for 6 months.

Register at ROOM!

You can respond to our offer via the ROOM offer platform. Are you 16 years or older and are you going to study full-time, or maybe you are already studying? Then register quickly at There you will also find all the rules for renting a student room.

Are you looking for a room with your own kitchen, shower and toilet?

With your ROOM registration you can immediately start responding to the offer of self-contained-rooms (studios). The longer you have been registered, the better your chances are.  
TIP: Keep an eye one our project-page. If one of our new housing projects is almost completed, there will be a large offer of rooms, giving you a higher chance! 

Do you prefer a room in a student house? Try a vote-in.

Respond to the vote-in advertisements at ROOM. With voting-in it doesn't matter how long you have been inscribed. The roommates will select the new tenant themselves. In a voting in session (also known as: candidating or co-opting), the residents are introduced to several candidates looking for a room. At the end of the session, they decide on which candidate the room will be awarded to.

Priority scemes and DUWO University Housing

Do you have to travel far, are you a freshman or an international student? Then you may qualify for a priority scheme. You will find more about these priority arrangements and housing for international students (DUWO University Housing) below.

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Some great vote-in tips!

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