Assisted living Foyer The Hague

With JIT Wonen, you are living together with other young people at the Amsterdamse Veerkade and Wagenstraat 150 in The Hague. You'll have your own fully furnished room and you will share the kitchen, living room, shower and toilet with the other residents.

What does the Foyer offer?

At JIT Wonen we offer you:

  • 76 furnished rooms
  • Management of the building and 24-hour supervision
  • Maintaining the quality of living conditions in cooperation with the residents
  • Monitoring of rent payments and feedback thereof to your supervisor
  • Regular consultations with your supervisor
  • Classes and workshops (enabling you to learn how to cook, clean, do laundry, make agreements and handle money)

Applying for assisted living

You cannot apply for assisted living with JIT Wonen in The Hague by yourself. You will need to be nominated by the agency that is supporting you, such as the Jeugd Interventie Team [Youth Intervention Team] or Jeugdformaat [The Jeugdformaat Foundation]. Following nomination, JIT Wonen will first conduct an interview with you alone. In the course of this interview, we will assess whether JIT wonen is the right place for you to take the next step in your life. After that you will apply with the municipalty of The Hague for a Custom Work Package, MWA (Maat Werk Arrangement). Your coach will help you with this. More information about the intake procedure. If you are accepted to live with JIT Wonen in The Hague, you will sign an agreement for six months . At the end of that period, we will decide if you can stay longer, up to a maximum of two years.

Agencies may contact JIT Wonen through wonenhetjitnl for an application form.

Conditions for assisted living

Would you like to live in the Foyer facilities in The Hague? See if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are at least 17 years of age and no older than 27 at the time of nomination
  • You are engaged in a meaningful daytime activity such as a job, education, an internship, a training-to-work course or volunteer work
  • You do not have a serious criminal past, a recent drug history or severe psychological problems
  • You are able to pay your own rent
  • You have a valid residence permit
  • You receive support from an official agency
  • You are (or where) registered with the municipalty of The Hague
  • You adhere to house rules

Would you like to know more?

Do you have a question about living with JIT wonen in The Hague? Then please contact phone number +31 (0)70-3118430 or send an e-mail to


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