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Offer DUWO University Housing

Offer DUWO University Housing
Almost all DUWO University Housing rooms are reserved by educational institutions. It follows that you can only rent a room with DUWO University Housing if you are effectively going to study at one of these educational institutions. For individual application procedures, see each educational institution.

Has your institution already applied for you?
If you have received an email stating that your educational institution has applied for you, then you will soon receive an activation email from DUWO. The date the activation email will be sent is mentioned in the application confirmation.
Once you have received an activation email and you have activated your account, then you can see what rooms are available and immediately make a reservation.

You do not qualify for a DUWO University Housing room but would like a temporary room? 
Are you are an international or Dutch full-time student, trainee or PhD student who cannot rent with DUWO University Housing, but would like to temporarily rent a room at DUWO? Then apply for a room at Direct Offer. You can rent a room via Direct Offer in Amsterdam, The Hague and Leiden.