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A room in a student house

How does it work?
DUWO has a lot of rooms (non-self-contained housing) in student houses with groups from 2 to more than 10 residents. All these rooms are unfurnished.The kitchen, shower and toilet are shared with the other residents, but you always have your own (lockable) room. If someone leaves, the current residents may nominate a new tenant. To this end they organise a 'vote-in' (hospiteren in Dutch). At a vote-in, you will talk to the residents about anything and everything. At the end of the evening the residents will decide on the lucky applicant who gets the room. In a vote-in the registration time with ROOM is irrelevant. Because of this, you should be able to find a room in student housing (much) faster than you will find a self-contained house. So please actively participate in vote-ins. In busy periods you will have to attend more vote-ins to have a chance to get a room. You can also find the range of non-self-contained rooms on ROOM.

How do I find a room in a student house?
Respond to the vote-in advertisements ("hospiteren") at ROOM. With voting-in it doesn't matter how long you have been inscribed. The roommates will select the new tenant themselves. In a voting in session (also known as: candidating or co-opting), the residents are introduced to several candidates looking for a room. At the end of the session, they decide on which candidate the room will be awarded to.

Some great vote-in tips!