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How do you find a room after DUWO University Housing?

You can only rent a furnished DUWO University Housing room for a certain limited time. For the rest of your studies in the Netherlands you will have to find a student room. DUWO can also help you also with this.

Read how it works below!

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    Register at ROOM!

    You can respond to our offer via the ROOM offer platform. Are you 16 years or older and are you going to study full-time, or maybe you are already studying? Then register quickly at There you will also find all the rules for renting a student room.

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    Two types of rooms

    DUWO offers two types of student rooms on ROOM:
    Rooms in a student house and self-contained student rooms.
    All these rooms are unfurnished.

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    What is the difference with DUWO University Housing?

    • The rooms are unfurnished, there is no carpeting, curtains, appliances, unless you can take these things over from the previous tenant.
    • You have a campus contract: after your study you can remain in your room for a further 6 months.
    • Notice period: 1 month.
    • Gas, water, electricity, Internet and local taxes are not always included in the rental price. If so, then you have to enter into an agreement with the supplier yourself.
    • Annual rent increase on 1 July and annual settlement of service costs.
    • Please note the effective date of the tenancy agreement. You may have to pay double rent for a few weeks.

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    Tips for finding a room

    • Actively look for a room. Even if you are already registered with ROOM. Most rooms are found through connections and word of mouth. So do not sit at home: get to know people, for example, by joining a sports club. Tell everyone that you are looking for a room. Use your network.
    • Don’t be too demanding. Also accept a room that is not quite what you are looking for. You can always move on.
    • Browse through the offers on ROOM and respond to selfcontained and non-self-contained rooms on a weekly basis.
    • Subletting a room? Good idea! It may be a convenient way to bridge the time until you find a room. For example from a student who is doing an internship in another city. These are mostly furnished rooms. Look on Facebook or search the Internet.