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Leiden University College

Leiden University College (LUC) has reserved rooms for its first and second year students.


LUC has reserved rooms at Anna van Buerenplein, next to the central station of The Hague. All the rooms are fully furnished. Most rooms have their own kitchen, shower and toilet. There are a few shared rooms, and these will be allocated to students. In a shared room, you share your apartment with one other person. This means the kitchen facilities and the bathroom will be shared with one other person. This will always be someone of the same sex as you. 

You will be contacted by LUC to indicate your preference of housing (shared or single), and later informed of the allocation. 
Should your room-mate cancel, you should take into account that LUC may assign a new room-mate to you at any time. 

A bed linen set and a basic kitchen inventory package will be waiting for you upon arrival. On the general inventory list you can see what fis included in your room. This could slightly differ from your inventory.

Rental period

LUC’s maximum period of rental is 2 years. The rental periods have fixed start and end dates. You cannot change these dates.

What do I need to do to get a room?

Follow the steps below. Please read the rental conditions for Accommodate first.

  1. Register at Leiden University College
  2. After LUC has granted you to study, they will allocate a room to you
  3. You will receive an email to activate a DUWO account. Activate your account.
  4. Upload your documents for within 3 working days. As soon as your documents have been approved, you will receive an email to sign and pay
  5. Pay the first rent on your DUWO account
  6. Follow the instructions to sign the rental agreement online on

First payment

Before signing the tenancy agreement, you must have made a first rent payment. This payment consists of the rent for the first month (or the first month-and-a-half), the reservation/handling fee and the rent for the final 2 months.
DUWO must receive this first payment no later than 2 weeks after your documents have been checked.
Information about your first rent payment will be included in the e-mail in which we send you the final confirmation of your reservation.

Arrival in the Netherlands

LUC organises a ‘Moving In Day’ for all first year students. This normally takes place before the introduction week. You’re given a time when you should go to LUC to pick up the keys. 
If you arrive after the Moving In Day, you can pick up the keys from the DUWO office in The Hague during opening hours.
If you arrive earlier or outside of business hours, you will need to find yourself a temporary place to stay.

Relocation policy

Moving to another room is not possible. This is only permitted in exceptional cases after receiving specific permission from LUC. Please contact LUC to discuss this.



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