Inholland Haarlem, University of Applied Sciences

Hogeschool Inholland Haarlem has reserved rooms for international students.


Inholland Haarlem, University of Applied Sciences has reserved rooms at Schoonzichtlaan. The rooms are fully furnished. Tenants share a kitchen, shower, toilet and other common areas with other students. There are also rooms where you share the bedrooms. A bed linen set will be waiting for you when you arrive. On the inventory list you can see what furniture is available in your room.

What do I need to do to get a room?

Follow the steps below, but please read the Additional Conditions as well.

  1. Register for housing with your educational institution
  2. Once your educational institution has approved your housing request, you will receive an email with information on how and when to reserve a room on
  3. Log on to and reserve a room
  4. Upload the requested documents on
  5. Once your documents have been approved, you will receive an email to sign your contract online
  6. Click the link to sign your tenancy agreement and check if there's an initial payment open. If so, pay it online
  7. Follow the instructions on to sign your tenancy agreement online

First rent payment

Before you can sign the tenancy agreement, you need to make a payment first. This payment consists of the rent for the first month (or the first month-and-a-half), the reservation/handling fee and the rent for the final 2 months. You can pay this first bill online on the DUWO website. DUWO needs to have received this first payment no later than 2 weeks after your documents have been approved.


Once you have digitally signed your contract, you will get an email with your tenancy agreement as a .pdf file. DUWO only hands over the keys after the contract has been signed. So please make sure your contract is signed before the starting date.

Arrival in the Netherlands

The educational institution organizes arrival/registration days at the start of every semester and provides you with information. You will receive an invitation with a place and time to pick up your keys on one of these days. Your educational institution will inform you in more detail about this.

If you arrive after the arrival/registration days, you can pick up the keys at the DUWO office. Please bring a valid proof of identity (passport or ID card) with you.
On the start date of your tenancy agreement your room will be available from 1 pm onward. If you arrive earlier or outside office hours, you should arrange for a place to sleep yourself.
Does the start date of your tenancy agreement happen to be on the weekend or a public holiday? Then you can collect your key on the next workday after 1 pm.



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