PhD-Long Stay


VU has reserverd rooms at Uilenstede and the Pierre Lallementstraat. The rooms are unfurnished and only equipped with floor and wall finishing and curtains.
The rooms have their own kitchen, shower and toilet.

Gas, water and power

The rent includes an advance payment for gas, water and power. DUWO estimates your consumption for this purpose. Every year, you will receive an annual invoice for service costs. Depending on your actual consumption, you may get money back or may need to pay additional service costs.

What do I need to do to get a room?

Follow the steps below, but also read the Additional conditions.

  1. You must check with your educational institution
  2. Once the educational institution has sent its agreement, you will receive an activation email for My DUWO
  3. Upload the requested documents in My DUWO
  4. Once your documents have been approved, you will receive an email to sign your contract online
  5. Click the link to sign your tenancy agreement and check if there's an initial payment open. If so, pay it in My DUWO
  6. Follow the instructions in My DUWO to sign your tenancy agreement online

First payment

You must make the first payment before signing the tenancy agreement. This payment consists of the rent for the first month (or the first month-and-a-half), and the reservation/handling fee. You pay this first bill via DUWO online.
DUWO must receive this first payment no later than 2 weeks after your documents have been approved.
Is OWI paying for you? Then you do not have to pay this first bill and you can sign your contract immediately via DUWO online.

Tenancy agreement

Once you have digitally signed your contract, you will get an email with your tenancy agreement as a .pdf file. DUWO only hands over the keys after the contract has been signed. So please make sure your contract is signed before the starting date.

Arrival in the Netherlands

You can collect the keys at the DUWO office. Please bring valid proof of identity (passport or ID card) with you.
On the agreed date (the start date of your contract) your room is available from 1 pm onward. If you arrive earlier or outside office hours, you should arrange for a place to sleep yourself.
Does the start date of your tenancy agreement happen to be on the weekend or a public holiday? Then you can collect your key on the next workday after 1 pm.




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