Amsterdam University College

At Amsterdam University College (AUC) all students live together in the dorms. Quite convenient, because you all study and live in the same place! The AUC dorms and university building are both found at Amsterdam Science Park in Amsterdam-East.


There are two types of rooms available within the dorms. You can either live in:

1)     A shared room. Rooms are shared between 2, 3 or 4 people.

2)     A single room.

All rooms are provided with linoleum covered floors and curtains, which should not be replaced. Some of the rooms are furnished: these are intended for temporary accommodation only and come with a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe.

Shared rooms

Most AUC students spend their first year in a shared room, a great way to make new friends quickly! Depending on the type of room, you share it with 1 to 3 other students - always of the same sex as you. The size and layout of the rooms vary: there are studios shared by two people, but three-room apartments shared by four people as well.

Do you live in a shared room, but would you prefer a room to yourself? No worries: every AUC student gets the chance to move within the dorms once, at the end of the first year. Graduating third year students leave over the summer, it will be announced in May which rooms will become available due to their departure from AUC. You will then be given the chance to pick the perfect room from among all those available. 

Single rooms

In a single room you have it all to yourself: your very own kitchen and bathroom! Some single rooms are located on a hallway with a common room, which you share with your neighbours - think of it as a shared living room. Keeping it nice and clean is a shared responsibility, but making it into a fun place is too: time to get creative! 

How to find a room?

Follow the steps below, but please read the 'Additional conditions' as well.

  1. To sign up, you can apply for housing through your educational institution’s website 
  2. Once the educational institution has sent its agreement, you will receive an email to activate your DUWO account. Activate your account.
  3. Log in and reserve a room. If you get a room allocated to you, you can skip this step
  4. Upload the requested documents. Once your documents have been approved by DUWO, you will receive an email to sign your contract online.
  5. Before you can sign the contract, you will need to pay the first bill. This payment is part of the digital signing of your contract.

First payment

Before you can sign the tenancy agreement, you need to make a payment first. This payment consists of the rent for the first month (or the first month-and-a-half), and the reservation/handling fee. You can pay this first bill online on the DUWO website. DUWO needs to have received this first payment no later than 2 weeks after your documents have been approved. 

Tenancy agreement

Once you have digitally signed your contract, you will get an email with your tenancy agreement as a .pdf file. DUWO only hands over the keys after the contract has been signed. So please make sure your contract is signed before the starting date.

Arrival and key pick up

You can collect the keys at the DUWO office. Please bring valid proof of identity (passport or ID card) with you.
On the agreed date (the start date of your contract) your room is available from 1 pm onward. If you arrive earlier or outside office hours, you should arrange for a place to sleep yourself.
Does the start date of your tenancy agreement happen to be on the weekend or a public holiday? Then you can collect your key on the next workday after 1 pm.




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