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Campus contract

The campus contract (part of your tenancy agreement) states that you will move out of your student housing within six months after you stop studying. This housing circulation policy once helped you find housing too. It will now give new students a chance to find a student room as well.

  Accommodate tenants do not have a campuscontract, with the exception of PhD Long Stay tenants.

What does the housing circulation policy actually mean in practice?

Every year, for the housing circulation policy we will check whether you are still enrolled at an educational institution. We can do this in two ways:

  1. We can enquire at the educational institution whether you are still enrolled there. Not every educational institution participates in this.
  2. We may ask you whether you are still studying; You can prove this with a copy of your student card or a certificate from the educational institution that you are still studying. Make sure that the current academic year is stated.

Note: If you participate in distance education (such as home study), the criterion is that you must be following NVAO*-accredited full-time training which leads to a recognized diploma and is included in the Central Register of Higher Education (CROHO). DUWO will ask you to prove this. Short-term courses and training are not covered.

*The NVAO is a body set up by the Dutch and Flemish governments, which assesses the quality of higher education. All recognized college and university courses held at universities, colleges and other educational institutions are registered in CROHO. Using this criterion, some of the programs from home-study institutes are excluded, especially the many courses and training sessions, which, after completion, lead only to a part certificate, but no accredited diploma.

I am no longer enrolled as a student. What happens now?

If you are no longer enrolled as a student, you must  terminate the tenancy agreement and leave your room within six months.

If, during a housing circulation policy check, we establish that you are no longer enrolled as a student, we will terminate the tenancy agreement. You must agree to this termination within six weeks. If you do not agree to the termination, we will request termination of the tenancy agreement before the Cantonal Court. As demonstrated by previous legal proceedings that we have instigated with regard to the housing circulation policy, the judge will approve such a request.

If campus control has shown that they are no longer enrolled as a student at an educational institution, on the basis of which the tenancy agreement has been terminated because of urgent private use, tenants may invoke the hardship clause. If the termination of the tenancy agreement results in disproportionate negative effects for the tenant, this tenant may ask DUWO to deviate from the provisions of the campus contract.

Registering with housing corporations

Please register with housing corporations as soon as possible. You could do so in Amsterdam at Woningnet, for example, and in Delft and The Hague at Woonnet-Haaglanden and Leiden WoningNet Holland Rijnland. Whatever you do, do not wait to long. After all, in six months there will be a new student ready to move into your home.

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