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Feel at home with DUWO

DUWO believes in a fair home for everyone. As a student, you should be able to feel free and safe. Your background, your (sexual) preference, culture, religion or beliefs should not play a role in this. In our student houses, DUWO wants to contribute to the freedom and safety that is necessary for diversity. Together with our students, we strive for a pleasant living environment with respect as the foundation. However, we cannot always rule out the possibility that an unsafe environment will form in which transgressive behavior takes place: discrimination, exclusion, bullying and sexually-transgressive behavior. In all those cases you can contact us.​​​​​ 

Are you renting a room from DUWO or searching one? If you experience or notice an unpleasant situation, please report it to us via contact form. We will then work together see how we can resolve the situation.

If you experience a serious situation that feels so unsafe to you, you can contact us directly

Feel at home with DUWO!

Anneleen Lagae, Chair of the Executive Board  
& Barend Kuenen, Member of the Executive Board