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My residence

On the My Residence page you will find all information about the ins and outs of your complex and in your room. In addition to practical housing matters, you can read everything about the facilities in and around your building there. Think of information about the caretakers, internet, information about DIY and what to do if you have locked yourself out, for example. 

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Arrange it immediately

Submit request for repairs
Internet and television
Lost keys, order extra keys or locked out

Fire safety

As a student housing provider, we see providing a fire-safe home as an important task. We therefore pay a lot of attention not only to structural quality and fire extinguishers, but also to raising awareness of fire-safe behavior among our residents. Fire safety is a shared responsibility. In addition to contacting our residents about this, we also work together with residents' organizations, fire brigades and municipalities.

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More information about fire safety

Prevent burglary!

Fortunately, burglars do not enter easily, but unfortunately that does not mean that nothing happens.
For example, if you're having a party, pay attention to who comes in and pay attention to your surroundings!

Are you leaving?
Close your door and windows, even if just for a moment. Burglars don't need that much time to remove something! It makes sense, but we'll say it anyway.

It turns out that students are easy targets for burglars. But how easily does Destiny enter a student home? She's going to test it in this video!

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