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Prevent moisture and mold problems

Without us noticing it, a lot of moisture enters our house. This moisture is released by breathing and sweating, by plants in the house and by cooking, washing dishes and showering. All that moisture can cause damp spots and mold in the house. And that is not healthy. It also takes a lot of energy to heat a damp house.

Because prevention is better than cure, we have listed a number of tips for you via the video and text below:

Tips to prevent moisture and mold problems

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    Open all ventilation grilles in the house 24 hours a day. Because fresh air can flow in, the air in the house is a lot healthier.

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    Ventilation alone is not enough. That is why it is important to open a window for at least 15 minutes every day and air your home. Especially in the bedrooms when you get up. But also when you are cooking.

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    Cook with the extractor on

    When cooking, set the extractor hood to the highest setting. If you have mechanical ventilation (with a motor), set it to at least position 3. And keep the lids on the pans.

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    Thermostat at 19 degrees

    Do you have a thermostat in your home? Set the thermostat to 19 degrees during the day. In the evening when you go to sleep or when you are not at home, the heating can be lowered. But not lower than 15 degrees. If it is too cold in the house, you can also have problems with moisture!

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    Extra ventilation while showering

    While showering, set the (mechanical) ventilation to the highest setting. At least an hour after showering. And keep the bathroom door closed. When you're done showering, open a window and leave the door closed. Wipe the walls and floor dry with a squeegee.

    No mechanical ventilation? Then open a window while showering and 10 minutes after showering, so that the humid air does not linger in the house.

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    Ventilate the room after a visit

    Many people in the house means more moisture. Therefore, open a window for 10 minutes if you have had visitors.

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    Furniture 5 cm away from the wall

    Move all furniture in the house at least 5 cm from the wall. This way the fresh air can get through everywhere.

  • 8

    Dry outside

    Don't have a machine to dry the laundry? Then dry the laundry - if possible - outside on the terrace/balcony or garden. Also in winter.

Still have mold in your home?

Then clean the spots with baking soda. You can buy this at the supermarket or drugstore. Only when the mold is completely gone can you paint over it with special (fungus-resistant) paint.

More tips?

The GGD website contains even more tips and movies that can help prevent damp and mold problems in your home (only available in Dutch).