Organising parties

There is no student life without parties, of course! Would you like to organise a house party? In many cases, you will need to consider special rules for parties. Which rules apply to your party depends on the type of house party you wish to organise. But one rule is always in effect: avoid (excessive) nuisance for the environment. This applies even more so if you live in an environment where families and other non-students live. Inform the neighbours in advance that you are going to have a party and make a commitment about the time when the party will end or when the music will be turned down low. Assign someone that the residents can contact for any complaints.

Organising a private house party

You do not require permission from DUWO to organise a private house party. Some rules for private parties:

  • A private party must have fewer than 40 guests.
  • You do not engage in promotional activities (flyers, for example).
  • You do not charge an entrance fee or money for beverages. 

Organising a public house party

Would you like to organise a public house party? Please ask permission by means of the contact form. You must send a request for permission to us at least four weeks before the date of the party. If you live in Delft, fill in the document There are general rules for parties in Delft and upload it through the contact form.
A public house party has the following characteristics:

  • A public house party has more than 40 guests.
  • It is often promoted (by way of flyers, for example).
  • Usually an entrance fee or money for beverages is charged. 

General rules for parties

In any case, keep these rules in mind when you are organising a house party:

  • If you want to make use of special facilities, such as scaffolding or an extra outside toilet, you need to consult with us in advance.
  • Large parties often also need to be announced to the municipality. Therefore, make sure to inquire whether you are meeting the municipality's requirements for parties!
  • DUWO will inspect your home before and after the party. The organisers of the house party must make sure that the home is as tidy after the party as it was before.
  • Think about fire safety as well! If the party becomes overcrowded, the fire department or the police may end it.

Read more general rules for parties (in Delft).

For our buildings in Leiden, it is possible to borrow extra fire extinguishers when throwing a party. You can apply for them by filling out a contactform. You will need to pay a deposit of € 50 for each  fire extinguisher.



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