Caretakers in the building

All our buildings are monitored by caretakers. The caretaker is the primary contact person for all residents. Please do not hesitate to approach them if you have a question or a complaint.


  • welcome new residents with introductory meetings;
  • check all common areas in and outside the building;
  • pay close attention to fire safety, hygiene and any maintenance defects;
  • ensure that residents comply with the Rental Terms and Conditions a well as the residents' regulations;
  • mediate in case of disputes between neighbours or nuisance.

Would you like to make an appointment with the caretakers? Then please complete the contact form, choose Appointment with the caretaker as subject. 

Student caretakers:
In all student residences in Leiden, but also in some buildings in Delft, The Hague, Wageningen and Amsterdam region,  one of your roommates will be your primary contact person: the student caretaker. The student caretaker is also the contact person for DUWO. Student caretakers will conduct a welcoming interview with each new resident in a non-self-contained room (in self-contained accommodation the caretaker will do this) in which they provide information about the building, fire safety and the house rules. Please contact the student caretaker if you have any questions about, for example,:

  • keys,
  • the condition of your room,
  • moving internally,
  • hygiene and fire safety,
  • repairs in the common areas,
  • the invoice for the service costs.

In case of disputes with your neighbours or nuisance, please contact the social stewards at DUWO. Would you like to make an appointment with one of them? Then please complete the contact form.

Malfunctions and requests for repairs
To report a malfunction or request repairs, you must always submit a request for repairs. If it concerns a recurring problem or a problem that has not been solved completely, please notify the caretaker of this via the contact form.


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