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Request for repairs

You are responsible for minor maintenance yourself. For larger work, you can submit a repair request to our Vastgoed Service repair service, also for repairs covered by the service agreement. In some cases, such as a clogged drain, you can call the company directly.

See below how you can submit your repair request:


Email your repair request to Vastgoed Service via the contact form below (Reachable 24 hours a day)

Always report an emergency repair by telephone!


Fill out a request for repairs

App your repair request to Vastgoed Service below or scan the QR code

Mon to Thu 08.30-16.30 and Friday 08.30-16.00

Only messages sent within these opening hours will be answered

send Whatsapp

Is there an emergency, such as a major leak or gas smell in your home?

Then call Vastgoed Service immediately
015-2516700 (reachable 24 hours a day)

Clogged drain

Call Vastgoed Service
+31(0)15-2516700 (In case of emergency, 24 hours a day)

Elevator failure

Call the elevator company. The name and telephone number of the elevator company are in or on the elevator (reachable 24 hours a day)

Broken window

Call Vastgoed Service: +31(0)15-2516700
(reachable 24 hours a day)