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What do you do if you are bothered by your neighbors or roommates?

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    Talk to your neighbors

    Talking to your neighbors often helps. Here are a few tips:

    • Don't wait too long before you start a conversation, talk to your neighbors immediately (or the next day) about the nuisance. Keep in mind that your neighbors may not realize that they are causing a nuisance.
    • Think carefully in advance what you want to say: what exactly bothers you? And when and why?
    • Work together with your neighbors, make agreements together and find a solution together. We notice that it often works best when neighbors talk to each other without the intervention of DUWO. You can then immediately make agreements with each other to prevent inconvenience.
    • Also listen to what your neighbors say about the nuisance, thereby creating some understanding for your side of the story.


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    Call in the student caretaker, nestor or Resident Assistant

    Are you unable to find a solution together with your neighbors and is there a student caretaker, nestor or Resident Assistant active in your complex? Ask if he / she can help you, for example by mediating between you and your neighbors.

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    Switch on DUWO

    You can contact DUWO if you can't work it out together. You cannot report the nuisance anonymously. We will, of course, ensure that your name is not passed on without your permission. After receiving the report, the social caretaker will talk to you about the nuisance. The social caretaker also contacts the person causing the nuisance.

    We may advise you to keep a log of the inconvenience. Write down the date, time and nuisance facts briefly and concisely. These short notes can later be used as proof.

    If the nuisance occurs in the evening, night, weekend, outside office hours or are so serious that you can no longer wait, call the police. You can reach the police on telephone number 0900-8844.

    Then also inform DUWO via a contact form of the nuisance and the involvement of the police. The social caretaker will then contact you.

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    Legal proceedings

    In worst cases scenario, DUWO can start legal proceedings. This must involve long-term and serious nuisance and there must be sufficient evidence. We can then ask the court to terminate the lease.

    Legal proceedings take a long time and you are not always right in court. In most cases it’s not possible to stay anonymous.



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