Internal moving

Internal moving

When a room becomes available, other residents may transfer to it: move internally.
The procedure is simple:

  • When someone terminates a tenancy agreement, all residents of the building (or in case of a large building the department/hallway/cluster) concerned receive notification of this.
  • Within 7 days of such notification, residents indicate to which room they would like to transfer via DUWO online. Please note: once your transfer request has been received, the tenancy agreement for your current room will be terminated. You are not allowed to move internally if your rent is in arrears.
  • DUWO will draw up a tenancy agreement for the new room if no-one has objected. The transfer only becomes definite once this tenancy agreement has been signed by you.
  • If you move internally, request your direct debit again via DUWO online. Because you receive a new contract, the existing direct debit will be terminated.

Accommodate tenants are not allowed to move to another room during their stay.


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