Service costs

In addition to the basic rent, you also pay DUWO service costs. Service costs are costs for services such as gas, water, electricity and cleaning. These costs may vary by room or house. Your rental agreement will state what kind of service costs you are paying. You can also check the rental breakdown.

Calculation of the service costs

You pay an advance based on the expected cost. Each year on 1 July, the advance amount is redetermined. You will be informed about this before 1 May, together with any increase in rent.

The new advance amount is determined on the basis of the billed amount of service costs during the previous year. This concerns, for example, the use of gas, water and electricity. Sometimes we can read your usage on the meters. But often this is not possible and we use an allocation key (using service cost units) to determine how much you and your roommates have to pay for gas, water and electricity. For example, someone with a large room has to pay more than someone with a small room. You can find in the tenancy regulations how the costs are allocated exactly.

Final account of your service costs

Based on the final account it is possible that you get a refund, or that you have to pay more. We strive to send the final account of the service costs before 1 July. You can here find the final account of your service costs. In your account overview you can see when the money has been transferred. If you want to change the Payment details please pass on the account number into which we can pay your refund or modify it.  

Not all service costs are settled. In case of the so-called unsettable service costs the amounts are determined annually. For example, this goes for the glass and home contents' insurance, the Ziggo subscription and the service agreement. More information about the service agreement.

Service costs Accommodate

 Accommodate tenants are not billed service costs, unless otherwise agreed in the lease. For example, this applies to students of the AUC and PhD students who are renting for a longer time.



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