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Rent increase 2019

For the majority of its housing stock, DUWO has limited the rent increase to 1.6%, applicable from 1 July 2019. With this increase DUWO is mainly covering inflation for 2018.  In a few cases where DUWO is not the owner of the property and different contractual agreements have been made, the percentage increase may be higher. This also applies to certain houses where the rent is lower than similar houses in the same complex. In these cases the percentage increase will not exceed 3.1% for shared accommodation and 4.1% for self-contained accommodation. DUWO has not applied the income-related rent increase of 5.6% in 2019.

Tenants will be notified of the new (basic) rent either by email or letter before 1 May 2019.
The amount of the advance payments for service costs has also been adjusted. DUWO has no influence on the level of most of the service costs. However, we try wherever possible to keep the service costs as low as possible. There is a slight increase in the rate for Ziggo this year, the rates for glass and household contents insurance, and the service agreement remain the same.

Remaining affordable
The tenant organisations have given their approval to the limited rent increases proposed by DUWO. We have agreed that an extra, structural rent increase above the rate of inflation is not appropriate at this time because the income levels of the majority of our tenants are already under pressure. Our student tenants are also facing the introduction of the so-called study advance. In order to keep our accommodation affordable for people with a modest income, we have also decided not to go ahead with an extra, structural rent increase (above inflation) for the mainstream social housing system.

Objections to the rent increase                                                                                       If you disagree with the rent increase proposed by DUWO, you can lodge an objection with DUWO until 1 July 2019 (the date the increase takes effect). Please use the standard complaints form issued by the Rent Assessment Committee and upload it via the contact form.

Renting Accommodate
The annual rent increase does not apply to many of the Accommodate contracts because, unless otherwise agreed in the rental contract, the rent is not increased during the period of the contract. This could be in the case of students at AUC, MSc students at UNESCO-IHE and PhD students who are renting for a longer period. Accommodate tenants wanting to extend their rental contract with Accommodate as of 1 July or later will be faced with a rent increase. Please note when you reserve a room before 1 May: the new rental rates are only shown on the website after 1 May. Therefore make a reservation before 1 May, to be effective on 1 July or later, so that the new higher rent will apply to you from 1 July.

Changes to the service costs                                                                                          You also pay DUWO service costs in addition to the basic rent. Your rent agreement will state what kind of service costs you are paying. You can also find out more in your DUWO account by rent composition and rent allowance.

Based on the anticipated price trends for service costs, DUWO has adjusted the (advance) fee for these services as of 1 July. This increase is therefore not linked to the percentage that the government prescribes for rent increases. The percentage increase for the total rent (the basic rent plus the service costs) may therefore turn out to be higher than the percentage rent increase. The rates for the service agreement, glass and household contents Insurance has not been increased this year and the rate for Ziggo have undergone a slight increase.



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