Service costs

In addition to the basic rent, you also pay DUWO service costs. Service costs are costs for services such as gas, water, electricity and cleaning. These costs may vary by room or house. Your rental agreement will state what kind of service costs you are paying..

Settlement of the service costs

Some service costs cannot be determined in advance as they depend on your consumption in a given year, such as the costs for electricity and water. You pay a monthly advance toward these service costs. Once a year, you are sent an invoice based on the actual costs. If you have paid too much, you will be reimbursed. If you have paid too little, you will have to pay extra.

Advanced payments and fixed rates

The (advances on) service costs have been adjusted on 1 January 2023 this year.
Due to the government scheme Temporary Allowance for Block Connections (TTB) your service costs may be reduced as of 1 July 2023. Tenants have already been notified about this.

Service costs for which a fixed amount is charged (fixed rate) are included in the rent composition. Examples of such costs are the premium for the home contents insurance and the membership fee of the tenants' organisation. Therefore, fixed rate service costs are not included in the overview of service costs on the annual invoice.