Why a rent increase during times of corona?

DUWO is a non-profit foundation with a social purpose. We are here to offer students a home in the environment where they study. This applies to all students, also to students who have less financial resources. That is why we are committed to affordable housing. The rents for our 33,000 tenants are therefore far below the market price and all our earnings are used to safeguard our social goal. 

For example, expansion of the number of student rooms is still essential for the current and future generations of students. In addition, the maintenance and sustainability of our current housing is very important to maintain an acceptable quality standard for our offer and to contribute to the climate objectives. As much as we understand the current situation for the students, It is very important for the pursuit of this goal to continue to correct rents for inflation. 

Minister Kajsa Ollongren of the Interior is also not in favor of freezing the rents. According to her, this is unwise, because housing corporations badly need the rental income to continue building during the corona crisis. A freeze will leave a huge gap in income. The rental income is necessary for housing corporations to "keep building houses and making houses more sustainable". DUWO shares this opinion and therefore implements the rent increase. 

The vast majority of our tenants are entitled to rent allowance. This ensures that the net rent increase is mostly very moderate. DUWO believes that this increase will not have a significant financial impact for our tenants. Therefore the effect for the tenant is minimal, while the impact on DUWO's business operations is significant, for the moment, but also for the future.