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Rent composition, rent allowance and rent increase

The total rent you pay to DUWO is the (basic) net rent and the service costs added together. The basic rent is the amount you pay for the use of your home or room. The gross rent is a combination of the basic rent and service costs, such as the costs for gas, water and electricity.

Rent allowance

Are you renting a self-contained student room? You may be eligible for rent allowance. In some DUWO student complexes, you may qualify for a rent allowance even if you are renting a non-self-contained room. 

Log in via the button below to see if this also applies to your room. Here you will also find the information you need to apply for the rent allowance.

More information about applying for rent allowance, the service costs and the annual rent increase can be found below:

DUWO University Housing students also pay for the upholstery of the room (and possibly for the furniture). You can find this amount under "service costs". The rent for your room is therefore slightly higher than for a standard student room.