Rent composition and rent allowance

Standing on your own two feet and arrange (financial) matters by yourself can be a challenge.
When necessary, we try to help and to clarify matters. This includes the explanation of the rent composition and the application for rent allowance.

The total rent you pay to DUWO is the (basic) gross rent and the service costs added together. For the housing allowance, the tax authorities ask for a number of (service) costs, namely the basic rent and a number of components from the service costs. So not all service costs can be included in the calculation. The sum of your basic rent and the components for the rent allowance is also referred to as the calculated rent or the eligible rent. This is the amount that the tax authorities will calculate the rent allowance.

The service costs that you can use for the rent composition is the following:
Vuilkosten en schoonhouden
Gemeenschappelijk energieverbruik
Huismeester en sociaal beheer

These service costs are mentioned slightly differently at the tax authorities, but amount to the same:
Schoonmaakkosten voor gemeenschappelijke ruimten            
Energiekosten voor gemeenschappelijke ruimten                      
Kosten voor de diensten van een huismeester, flatwacht of buurtconciërge
Kosten voor dienst – en recreatieruimten (not available at DUWO)

Rent allowance

You apply for rent allowance via the Tax Authorities. You can find detailed information about the rent allowance on their website under benefits. DUWO has nothing to do with the rent allowance. You can also make a test calculation on the website. This test calculation gives an indication of the amount of the allowance, but you cannot derive any rights from it.

If you are renting a self-contained student room, you may be eligible for rent allowance.
In some DUWO student complexes, you may qualify for a rent allowance even if you are renting a non-self-contained room. If that applies for your room, find more information about applying for rent allowance by logging in to your personal DUWO account below, on the page "rent composition". 


Accommodate students also pay for the upholstery of the room (and possibly for the furniture). You can find this amount under "service costs". The rent for your room is therefore slightly higher than for a standard student room.




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