Terminate the tenancy agreement

You have to observe a notice period of one month. You can terminate your tenancy agreement online at any time during the month. DUWO will confirm your notice of termination by e-mail. If you wish to revoke the termination, or change the date of termination, you will need to pay administration costs. You will also need to settle your finances and deregister with the municipality.

You have to log in to be able to use your DUWO account.

 In most cases the Accommodate tenancy agreements have a fixed end date. You cannot terminate prematurely. Of course you can leave your Accommodate room earlier than the end date stated in your tenancy agreement. You do still have to pay the rent until the end date in the tenancy agreement.

At the webpage of your educational institution you can check if you may terminate your tenancy agreement. AUC students can submit a request for termination of the tenancy agreement using the contact form. If the AUC approves your termination, the notice of termination becomes final.



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