I'm moving out of my non-students house

Are you moving out of your house? In the step-by-step procedure on this page you will find all the information for arranging your move. You can terminate your rental agreement via your DUWO account. If you do not have a DUWO account, you can contact us to arrange the termniation of your tenancy agreement.

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    Submitting the end date

    You can terminate your rent on any day of the month, and you have one month's notice. For example: if you cancel on 14 April, then 14 May is the earliest possible end date of your contract. You can terminate the rent up to 6 months in advance.

    If you wish to revoke your notice of termination or change the date of termination, we will have to charge administration costs.

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    End of tenancy house cleaning

    Leave your house clean, undamaged and empty for the new tenant. In principle, you should remove anything that you have brought with you into the house. This could be, for example, a floor covering. However, you can ask the caretaker during the preliminary inspection whether it is possible to pass your items on to the new tenant. 

    Would you like to read the detailed rules on the condition of your house when moving out? Please take a look at the tenancy regulations

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    Inspection by the caretaker

    When you leave your house, the caretaker will visit you to carry out a preliminary and final inspection. After you have terminated the tenancy agreement, the caretaker will contact you within a week to make an appointment.

    During the pre-inspection, you will inspect the house together with the caretaker. Anything that you still need to do to your house before moving out (such as, painting a dark wall white again) must be noted down. It will also be noted which items that you installed or added yourself, you are allowed to leave behind, and which you need to remove. For example, if you have installed a shower tray, you may have to remove it. 

    During the final inspection, there will be a check as to whether the house has been restored as agreed. If these agreements have not been fulfilled, DUWO will ensure that the work is carried out. Any additional resulting costs will be at your expense. 

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    Handing over the keys

    During the final inspection of the house, you must hand in all the keys to the house, to our caretaker.

  • 5

    Check your details

    Make sure your pay-out account details are correct. The service costs for the previous year are settled every year around July. You may possibly be entitled to a refund. We use these bank details to refund any overpaid service charges. Use the button below to change your pay-out account details. If you do not have a DUWO account, you can submit the details using a contact form

  • 6

    Deregister with the municipality

    Are you moving within the same municipality? 
    Don't forget to deregister from your old address and submit your new address to the municipality or the district office. If not, you can be fined by the municipality. The new resident may face problems when registering with the municipality, and when applying for allowances.

    Are you moving to a different municipality?
    Register directly with your new municipality, upon presentation of your new tenancy agreement. They will arrange for your removal from the register of the municipality in which you previously lived.


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