Vote-ins continue as normal!

Important information for when a room in your house becomes available soon and new housemates are have to be chosen through vote-ins. Even during the corona crisis, you can simply place a a vote-in ad on ROOM and select candidates for a vote-in procedure. For the time being it is not allowed to organize a vote-in evening in your house. This will temporarily have to take place "digitally".


So we appeal to your creativity. Think carefully in advance about a portal or app with which you can conduct digital meetings and conversations. You can think of Face Time, Skype, Jitsi Meet: free applications that you can download and use yourself. You may know an even better solution yourself.


We realize that this is a challenge, but it may also lead to surprising insights about the candidates and how you select someone. We are very curious about the experiences.


The term for finding your new roommate also remains the same, so if you haven't found anyone after 2 weeks, DUWO will find a new housemate for you.


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