Information about self-quarantine

Glad you made it, welcome (back)! Or, if you're still on the road, good that you prepare for this.

We hope you are going to enjoy everything that the Netherlands has to offer. However, if you are from a country with a EU travel ban, before you do so, you are strongly advised to practice self-quarantine for 10 days. Quarantine means you keep your distance from others and go outside as little as possible – however, it is definitely allowed to take a walk in a not too crowded area every now and then! That way, you can keep it somewhat pleasant for yourself.

Not sure whether you should self-quarantine?
You can find up to date information about the countries with a travel ban here. Click on "Checklists for entering or returning to the Netherlands from abroad".

If you have just arrived from an area where there are renewed corona outbreaks, please also practice self-quarantine for 10 days.
If you develop symptoms in line with corona, please get yourself tested! The phone number to make an appointment for a coronavirus test is 0800-1202, or +31850659063 from a non-Dutch sim card. If you test positive, please inform DUWO of this as well. 

Together we can keep each other safe and healthy!

Quarantine in self-contained housing
If you are moving in to self-contained housing, it is quite simple to keep your distance from others, since you have your own kitchen and bathroom. However, you do need to get food, of course.

Most supermarket chains deliver groceries to your doorstep. Most of their websites are not available in English, but you can use Google Translate, or remember you need to look for ‘online bestellen’ (order online). You could also ask for help with grocery shopping on the Facebook page of your building, or perhaps you already know a fellow student that could help you out. Of course, there are also plenty of take-out restaurants. You can find most of them via the Thuisbezorgd app or website.

Quarantine in non-self-contained housing (shared facilities)
If you are moving into non-self-contained housing, meaning you will have a couple of housemates and you will share the kitchen and/or bathroom, quarantining yourself is a bit more challenging.

If you have your own bathroom, it is doable. Please try to use the kitchen as little as possible in the first 10 days of your stay, wash your hands before you use it, and clean the kitchen afterwards.

If you do not have your own bathroom, it is again a bit more challenging. In this case, you also have to wash your hands every time before and after you use the bathroom, and clean the toilet and the door handle, light button etc. after use as well.

Always keep a distance of at least 1,5 metres from your housemates during these 10 days! Otherwise you all need to be quarantined together.

You can ask your housemates if they can go grocery shopping for you (as long as they are not asked to self-quarantine as well, of course). Alternatively, check the options above (supermarket delivery, the Facebook page of your building,