House parties are really ‘not done’ right now!

Now that the bars and student associations are closed, everyone is dependent on their home to make it cozy. We already see great initiatives that contribute to solidarity and we would like to stimulate these. Unfortunately, we still receive too many reports from the police and local residents about noise, parties, large groups of students who are far too close together and student houses that get many friends over.


At the moment, this is absolutely risky and undesirable behavior. The government has been clear about the necessity of the measures and the great importance that we hold together here. It is not only about your own health, but also about the health of others such as the elderly and people with health problems. By not adhering to government measures, you can infect weaker people quicker. Also, it ensures that the virus spreads faster, so that the capacity in healthcare will soon be insufficient to help seriously ill people, resulting in more people dying.


In addition, it is highly detrimental that employees in healthcare and in other positions that are currently critical for our society are kept awake at night due to noise pollution. This is antisocial. These people fight every day to limit the effects of the virus and to make daily life as good as possible for all of us. Other local residents are currently at home for most of the day and deserve the peace and quiet of their own home environment. Let's take care of each other.


The various local authorities consider this problem so serious that they are currently imposing measures and will not hesitate to hand out large fines to offenders in the near future. We assume that this is only necessary in cases of obvious misconduct. DUWO supports this approach. For our part, we will address individual offenders and we can take further measures in case of repeatitive behaviour. We assume that this will not be necessary.


In short, we urge you to adhere to the measures of the government and to think about your fellow man. Let’s ensure that everyone adheres to this and contributes to prevent the spread of the virus, together.


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