Adjustments in repair service

Even during lock down our customers can count on DUWO. We are stand by to help with our service.
We only send colleagues  who do not show any symptoms of the virus and we would also like to know whether or not our customers show any symptoms. In all cases we will take measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Below you will find a number of changes that will be in effect in the coming weeks.

How does it work?
Below you can see how we work during the corona crisis, so you know what to expect:

1. After a request for a repair, a service engineer initially tries to find smart ways to contact and solve a problem without entering your home. If that fails, he/she will avoid contact as much as possible on arrival and entering the home.

2. Before entering the house, the service engineer asks whether someone is present in the house who suffers from colds, sore throat, fever and/or shortness of breath. In that case he/she will not enter the house. Not even when in doubt.

3. The service engineer determines whether he/she can work safely in a home.

4. If one of the residents does not want the service engineer to enter, the service engineer will not enter.

5. The service engineer avoids contact with residents as much as possible during the work and applies the general measures: wash hands before and after the visit, do not give hands, use gloves and disinfectant gel if possible.

6. During the work, the residents should be in a different room as much as possible from where the service engineer is at work. If that is not possible, the service engineer keeps at least 1.5 meters distance.. If necessary, he/she uses barrier tape to maintain the necessary distance.

7. If you or one of the residents you live with becomes infected with the corona virus, between making the appointment and the time of the visit, report this immediately to our repair service, so that the service engineer can prepare properly and avoid health risks as much as possible.



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