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Contact business

For questions about HR, administrative matters or other business questions, you can contact the board secretariat:

Board secretariat
T: 088-2353896 (local rate)
E: zakelijkduwonl

Stichting DUWO
P.O. Box 54
2600 AB Delft

For questions for our press spokesman; contact the Communication department:

T: 088-2353896 (local rate)
E: communicatieduwonl

Do you have a question about finding or renting a student room or business space? Or do you want to submit a repair request? Then look at Contact customers.


Our VAT number is NL 8042.62.688.B.01.

You can send invoices for DUWO in PDF format to [email protected]
If you have other financial questions, please send them to [email protected].

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Do you want to visit DUWO? Make an appointment with us.
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