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Compensation for tenants with a block connection

Tenants with a shared energy connection will also receive compensation for the increased energy prices. The Cabinet has recently announced the structure of this subsidy scheme "Temporary Allowance Block Connection" (TTB) . Because you pay the costs for your energy consumption of your home to DUWO via the service costs, you cannot apply for a subsidy yourself as a tenant. We do this for you.

This year DUWO can apply for compensation for:

1. A one-off payment (for tenants who rented from DUWO on 1 January 2023):

  • For independent homes without their own connection max € 380
  • For non-self-contained units (from 4 persons*) max € 160

* tenants of non-self-contained units with 2 or 3 people also receive a benefit, but the amount differs per unit. The starting point is that residents with the same connection with approximately the same energy costs receive an equal amount of subsidy. You have received a personal message about the amount to be received by you, please also check your unwanted e-mail.

Please note: We need your account number for the one-off payment. Check via the purple button below whether the correct account number is known to us:

2. A temporary allowance for 2023

This allowance will be settled with the monthly service costs by reducing the service costs to the 2022 level as of 1 July 2023.
The balance will be drawn up in 2024 and if there is still an outstanding amount of the compensation, we will settle this with the service costs settlement for 2023.

Do you have another question?

You can reach us via the general telephone number of DUWO: 088-2353888, via the chat or fill in a contact form.