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Kraanspoor 21-29


Building: Nieuwdok
Project type Newly-built
Number of houses 380
Completion Keys: 15 August and 2 September 2016


Are you looking for a studio in Amsterdam?

Do you want a brand new, affordable studio in Amsterdam, in a modern and dynamic area near the IJ? That is possible with DUWO. At North, along Kraanspoor 21-29, DUWO is renting out Nieuwdok with 380 student studios of 21-24 m2. You'll have your own kitchen, shower and toilet. You can move in before the new academic year starts: we will hand out the first keys on 17 August 2016 and keys for a second set of (bigger) studios on 2 September 2016. You cannot apply anymore.

Do you want to live here?
You cannot apply anymore.

What happens after you have applied?
Candidates will receive an e-mail after the closing date (this could be 1-2 days later) on how to proceed. The e-mail also contains an acceptance form. Upload the acceptance form using the contact form, choose subject ‘Acceptance Kraanspoor’.

If you are not selected as a candidate, we will let you know by e-mail.

After the viewing session you will receive an e-mail from us, asking you to upload some documents. Read our website to see which documents. Next, if you qualify, will receive an invitation to digitally sign your contract.

Rental prices
For about 40% of the studios you can apply for rent allowance from 18 years on. The basic rent is 395 euro: service costs will be added to that, but you can deduct rent allowance (max. 177 Euros)*.

For the other 60% of the studios, you'll pay a basic rent of 510 euro + 97 euros for an extensive service package (heating, warm water, TV-signal and fast Internet). You have to arrange an electricity provider and cold water provider yourself (circa 20-25 Euros a month). You can deduct rent allowance (max. 253 Euros)* if you are 23 years or older. If you're younger than 23 years older, you can also live here, but can't deduct rent allowance. 

*The amount of rent allowance depends on your income. You can check the amount of rent allowance at www.toeslagen.nl.

The building and its facilities
The building has a large communal courtyard with large plant pots, at the second level. Every resident can visit the wood deck in the courtyard. The studios directly located along the deck have direct access to the deck. Almost all houses contain a bay window.

The building has a central washing room. Washing and drying has been made super easy: you charge your laundry card online and reserve a machine online. The only thing left for you to do is to put your laundry in the machine (detergent included). Within half an hour it's ready (hotfill).
You can place your bicycle or scooter in the inside storage area under the building.
The building has elevators, so you do not have to move furniture up the stairs.

A ROC educational institution is located on ground level and first level.

The surroundings
You are living in a trendy, modern, dynamical area in Amsterdam North. Close by there is a marina. The HEMA department store is literally located on the other side of the street. Within 3 minutes of walking you are at the well-known restaurant 'Loetje aan 't IJ'. In less than 5 minutes of cycling you reach a PLUS supermarket.

The NDSM-ferry to the centre of Amsterdam is located at 3 minutes of cycling/8 minutes of walking. Next to the ferry you'll find the IJ-hallen, where large markets are organised regularly.

Around the building a lot of construction work is done. You live in a beautiful place, and in the next few years there will be a construction work. This is a conscious choice you make. It means you can't escape construction activities  in the direct vicinity of the building. Construction noise and other construction nuisances are inevitable.


Project type Newly-built
Number of houses 380
Completion Keys: 15 August and 2 September 2016
Dwelling composition 380 studios

Building and facilities

Building Nieuwdok


Owner International Campus Netherlands
Management DUWO
Architect Moke Architecten
Contractor Kondor Wessels Amsterdam

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