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The Governance and integrity

As a civil society organisation, DUWO wishes to act with integrity, transparency and independence. Therefore, we adhere to the Governance Code and have a strict integrity policy.

Public visitation

DUWO ordered Ecorys to conduct a public visitation over the period of 2016-2019. The visitation report shows how DUWO performs according to our stakeholders. Our total score is an overall score of larger than 7,5 a nice grade. 

Good governance

DUWO is a civil society organisation. Therefore, you may expect good governance from us. We adhere to the rules as laid down in the Governance Code that has been drawn up by the Vereniging van Toezichthouders in Woningcorporaties (VTW) [Association of Supervisory Authorities for Housing Corporations] and Aedes. The code provides standards for good governance, supervision, transparency, public accountability and financial management.

Integrity policy DUWO

We expect our employees to act with integrity. We have therefore established an integrity policy. Our employees perform their duties in the spirit of this policy. The integrity policy provides guidance and clarifies how we deal with certain situations. In this way, we protect the interests of our clients, of our employees and of Stichting DUWO.

Remuneration policy

The remuneration of the employees of DUWO is in conformity with the Collective Labour Agreement Housing Services. The remuneration of the directors and supervisors is in conformity with the Top Salaries Standards Act.

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