The DUWO Group

The DUWO Group consists of a central body and four branches.
The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervision. 
Through the Advisory Council for Student Housing, the educational institutions that are most relevant to DUWO and the student unions have a voice in formulating DUWO policies.

Organisation chart.

Organisational policy

The DUWO Group determines the organisational policy and offers advice to individual branches. The DUWO Group also monitors accounting and reporting, safeguards a uniform way of working and performs several key activities.

Management Team DUWO Group

Heleen de Vreese, Board Member

Gerrit Dijkstra, Amsterdam Branch Manager

Arne Dolle, Realty Director

Michiel Ensink, Delft Branch Manager

Sjors Hartman, CFO

Gijsbert Mul, Public Affairs & Accommodate Director

Hans Pluim, The Hague/Leiden Branch Manager

Frans van der Zon, Strategy and Policy Manager

DUWO branches

The DUWO branches are responsible for all matters concerning letting, housing management and maintenance. They formulate and implement a branch policy within the framework provided by the DUWO Group. In addition, the DUWO branches issue assignments to the Realty department and have ownership of the real estate.

The DUWO branches:

  • Amsterdam (including Amstelveen, Deventer, Hoofddorp en Haarlem)
  • Delft
  • Leiden
  • The Hague

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