Advisory Council for Student Housing

Education institutions and student unions have a voice in determining the DUWO policy through the Advisory Council for Student Housing. Every year, the Advisory Council provides advice to DUWO with regard to matters such as housing costs for students, locations for new student housing and internationalisation.

Membership for Advisory Council for Student Housing




T. Sminia


B. Kievits

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten [Amsterdam School of Arts]

member board of governors

S. Jongejan

Gerrit Rietveld Academie

secretary board of governors

L. Geluk

Haagse Hogeschool [The Hague University of Applied Sciences]

chairman board of governors

A. Mur

Hogeschool Leiden [University of Applied Sciences Leiden]

member board of governors

N. Moolenaar

Hogeschool van [Amsterdam [Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences]

member board of governors a.i.

M. Nollen


member board of governors

H. van der Meulen

Koninklijk Conservatorium [Royal Conservatory]

chairman board of governors and director

I. van Oldeniel


member board of governors

A. Mulder

Technische Universiteit Delft [Delft University of Technology]

member board of governors

M. Vink


business director

J. van Riel

Universiteit Leiden

director of operational management

K. van Ast

Universiteit van Amsterdam [University of Amsterdam]

member board of
governors a.i.

M. Jansen

Vrije Universiteit [VU University Amsterdam]

member board of governors

T. Breukink

Wageningen UR

member executive board

R. Golamun

Haagse Studentenvakbond [The Hague Student Union]


F. Carstens

Leidse Studenten Belangenorganisatie [Leiden Student Union]


H. Hoogervorst

ASVA student union


M. Aktan

SRVU student union


M. de Vries Robbe

VSSD student union

external commission


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