Student Energy Race

In the Student Energy Race, student houses compete for who can save the most energy. In this way, DUWO attempts to increase energy awareness among students so that they keep thinking and acting energy efficiently during their studies and beyond.

In 2017-2018, the Student Energy Race has been organised for the sixth time. In these six years, the Student Energy Race has become a contest in which 150 students from eight cities are participating: Leiden, Delft, The Hague, Deventer, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Utrecht. Students are to try to save energy as much as possible during the heating season, the five months when the Netherlands consumes the most energy. The student housing that saves the most energy on a percentage basis, wins a prize.

Awareness of energy consumption
DUWO considers it important that students participating in the Energy Race become much more aware of the energy they consume. By joining the Energy Race, students discover that saving energy is sometimes hidden in small ways. For example, unnecessary power or sneak flow: in many homes devices remain enabled while they are not used. Raising awareness of energy-efficient housing with tips to students has proved very successful. In the heating season 2015-2016, all participants together saved a whopping € 14,010. The highest savings per person was € 181 in five months.

The ultimate goal of this project is to teach students energy consciousness for the rest of their life, something they can pass on to others. DUWO has already proven that the Energy Race really changes something in the behaviour of the participants. In 2012-2013, the first year of the competition, on average 27% of energy was saved. Now, five years later, in the same houses from that year, this has even further improved to 37.2%, without exerting any influence on them by DUWO after the Energy Race. Hence the Student Energy Race seems really capable of raising students’ awareness of energy consumption in a lasting way.

Follow the Student Energy Race
Student Energy Race and its participants can be followed on the Facebook page of the Student Energy Race. The page also shares tips and tricks with followers who want the best for the environment and would like to save themselves in an easy way on their energy bills.

DUWO and the Student Energy Race
In 2017-2018 four other student housing companies have joined DUWO in the Student Energy Race: De Key (Amsterdam), De SSH (Utrecht), Stadswonen (Rotterdam) and SSH& (Nijmegen).





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