We frequently seek collaboration in all respects with stakeholder organisations. For example, we closely collaborate with partners in the educational field, municipalities, fellow housing corporations and residents' organisations

Educational institutions

DUWO maintains close contact with educational institutions. For example, we closely collaborate with our partners in the educational field to house foreign guests and to develop new student complexes. Jointly, the educational institutions and student unions have an influence on the DUWO policies through the Advisory Council for Student Housing.

Our primary partners:


We frequently consult with the municipalities in our area. For example, we conduct special student housing conferences with the municipalities and our partners in the educational field. We have also entered into performance agreements regarding future student housing with the municipalities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Delft.


We collaborate with other student housing corporations through Kences, the Knowledge Centre for Student Housing. We also collaborate with regional corporations: Sociale Verhuurders Haaglanden (SVH) [Association of Social Rental Agencies Haaglanden] and Amsterdamse Federatie van Woningcorporaties (AFWC) [Amsterdam Federation of Housing Corporations].

Our primary partners:


DUWO likes to stay in close contact with its tenants. For example, we collaborate with residents' organisations and residents' committees. Students' residences have nestors. The nestor acts as an intermediary between DUWO and the residents of the students' residence. Read more about residents' participation.

Our primary partners:

International cooperation
DUWO is one of the founders of Network Cum Laude (NCL), an international partnership of innovative student housing providers. By working closely together and exchanging know-how, NCL wants to create added value for student tenants at an international level. One of the aims is to focus more closely on the needs of a student with respect to housing supply, and to offer additional services during the educational career of a student.
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